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Student parliament Hide
Mitglieder des StuPas im Jahrgang 2023/24

The student parliament (StuPa) is your inter-faculty representation at the university and advocates for the interests of the students, e.g. in front of the administration and the university leaders. Among other things, the StuPa helped to integrate the Kulmbach - Bayreuth route into the semester ticket or supported the language courses that will be offered in Kulmbach in the future. 

Members: The StuPa is made up of 14 student representatives (two per student council) and 17 members from political university groups thar are elected during the university elections in the summer. Three senate members and two university council members are also elected from the StuPa representatives.

This year, your two representatives from Kulmbach are Shivam Yadav and Sophia Förth. Feel free to reach out to them with your topics concerning university and Campus Kulmbach.

Meetings: Every 2 weeks during the lecture period in Bayreuth. The meetings are public and can be attended, but are held in German.

​Fakulty Council Hide

The faculties at the University of Bayreuth are each managed by their dean's office and their respective faculty council. The faculty council is the highest decision-making body of a faculty and the decisions are later implemented by the dean's office. Topics such as the campus construction in Kulmbach, new study programmes at the Faculty of Life Sciences or reports from other committees are discussed.

Members: The faculty council is made up of elected representatives of professors, staff and two student representatives. The two student representatives are the heads of the student council. This year, Shivam Yadav and Yannick Yasar represent you. Feel free to contact them with your concerns so that they can take them into the meetings.

Meetings: Approx. once a month

​Study Grants CommitteeHide

Each year, our faculty receives a specific amount of money to improve the study situation. This can encompass various expenses, such as financing student assistants for tutorials, labs, or even trips for educational purposes, as well as purchasing equipment for classrooms. In general, if something is not part of the basic equipment for the university, there is a high chance it's financed by Study Grants. Therefore, Study Grants are an important part of every faculty's ability to teach.

Members: The Study Grants Committee (which decides over how the allocated study grants are used) is composed out of 8 members from the faculty: professors, academic staff, and representatives of the students. This year the four representatives of students are Darya Roslyakova, Marcel Bauer, Anika Büchel, and Victoria Rocha. Feel free to contact any of them if you have any improvement suggestions.

Meetings Approx. two times a year.

Appointing Committee of New ProfessorsHide

The hiring committee responsible for selecting new professors is composed of a diverse group of members, including faculty, staff, and two student representatives. The ultimate objective of this committee is to select the most qualified candidates for our faculty. As our campus continues to expand, this is an exciting opportunity to shape the future of academia and research in Kulmbach.

Meetings: The frequency of meetings for the hiring committee will vary depending on the needs of the committee. Once potential candidates are identified, they are invited to give mock lectures, following which the student representatives will conduct interviews to evaluate their teaching style, motivation, and compatibility with our faculty. Additional interviews involving the entire committee will be held, culminating in a final meeting where the best candidates will be selected. 

​Bike rentalHide
Bild mit allen Infos zum Bike rental

We have bicycles that we lend to you per semester! 

If you are interested, just contact us.

Organize events Hide

The student council organizes various events such as movie or board game nights, beer pong parties, concerts and barbecues where everyone can take time out from their studies and socialize. Our regular bi-weekly Stammtisch helps to bring students together and involve them in university life. Any fun idea can become a reality and we keep everyone updated via Instagram, WhatsApp group chats, and our faculty e-learning platform.

Vergangene Events 

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